Site explanation

This site shows a collection of on-line comics/cartoons sites to which you can browse. It will remember if there are newer versions of the comic/cartoon that you haven't looked at yet (through this site, at least). This is done via cookies, so if you remove these cookies, use another browser or another computer, all these memories will be gone. Different users using the same browser and computer will use the same cookies and memories. New sites will have a green border. The first time they will all be green, of course. This site will only spot site changes since the last update, it won't remember updates you missed.
If you click on the items, the site will appear in a new window/tab.

There is a special library item, that contains hidden sites you don't want shown (anymore). If you click on it, the hidden items are shown right/below the library item. If you click again, they are hidden again. You can un-hide items by drag/dropping (click on top part) and moving them left/above the library item. And vice versa, you can hide items by drag/dropping (click on top part) and moving them right/below the library item.

The data containing the comic sites is collected every hour by a separate process. Sometimes this process may not be running, and the item borders will not be green, even if the sites are updated. You can still click on the items though to browse to the (perhaps new) comic/cartoon.

Mail me at if you have requests for new sites, or other questions. ×